Atmospheric Wood at Dutch Design Week 2017

Like sailors to the north star, Dutch Design Week brought the best and brightest, and Atmopsheric Wood was proud to showcase the many uses and applications of our treatment. Best of all we met so many amazing people and made new collaborations.

Atmospheric Wood debuted this year at Dutch Design Week at TAC (Temporary Arts Center) in Eindhoven to an overwhelmingly positive response! You could find one of our first products- The Aion Time (perpetual calendar) in Frame x DDW Shop 2017 at Klokgebouw.

We're grateful for all the positive energy, interest and great conversations during these nine days. Every reaction and piece of feedback was highly appreciated. This helps us continue Atmospheric Wood's development bringing it closer to being in homes everywhere.

P.S. If you haven't had time to visit us during Dutch Design Week but would like to learn more about us, it is never too late! We always welcome visitors with a smile and a hot cup of coffee!
Egle Tuleikyte