Jewelry stands for Perka design

"Always geometric, always minimalist, always handcrafted”

This is the motto for Perka Design so it's no wonder that it would be a natural fit with Atmospheric Wood. Creator Róża Turowska describes her jeweler designs as, “feminine, delicate and sophisticated”. With all this in mind, we set about to create exhibition display tables that accented these truly unique pieces.

The exhibition stands were created in response to the designer’s increased need for portable display tables that better represent the brand. The construction of the tables is suited for regular assembly and disassembly, with minimal effort required. The lightweight construction guarantees a hassle-free transportation during the designer’s busy travel and exhibition schedule.

Two open structure leg lower tables and one full closed leg higher table were designed. The closed table also serves as a storage unit. The difference in heights helps to create a dynamic jewelry exposition.

As an inspiration for the shape of the tables we used the main shape widely used in Perka design jewelry - the irregular pentagon. The open leg structure was designed with a geometric cut out pattern representing the minimal geometric approach in jewelry. Tension cables were used to prevent torsion forces in the tables keeping them light and sturdy. The wood for the display tables was cut using a CNC machine, with a significant amount of handcrafting in post-production. Atmospheric Wood treatment was used for all three tables.

The project was completed in the space of just under 8 weeks.

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